Coventry escorts are an excellent resource for those in the sex industry looking for discreet, affordable and reliable companionship. Without a condom on board, you can rest assured that any woman or man seeking arrangements with Coventry escorts will be subjected to some rigorous probing by the men of the city’s brothels. Although this may not be the most romantic setting in which to seek meetings for full service adult intimate encounters, it is still a highly desirable setting for those seeking out opportunities for liaisons without risking exposure to the brothels themselves.

The demand for Coventry escorts among the British working class has never been higher than it is right now. According to a recent study by the Coventry University’s Institute of Sex, several hundred women and men in the city had been advertised as seeking liaisons through online classifieds related to prostitution. Of those advertised, nearly half were under the age of twenty, and nearly a quarter were foreigners from the United Kingdom. A majority of the escorts appearing in these ads were either under the age of 18, or had been married as recently as a few months ago.

The reasons why so many Coventry escorts are either foreign or married is easy to see when one considers the demographics of the city. It is a heavily multicultural city where more than half the population is of Pakistani or Indian descent. This statistic alone raises questions about the morality of prostitution in the UK’s largest city. Further fueling the fire under the “escorts for hire” banner are the press reports that cite police figures that show the proportion of domestic violence against women in Coventry is higher than in any other British town. All this adds up to the fact that there are increasing numbers of people that are looking for liaisons outside of the United Kingdom.

The “escorts for hire” business has faced some criticism over the years for what some see as a exploitative business model. The term “escort” has been used repeatedly in local media to refer to men who offer sexual services without consent. The press have repeatedly highlighted claims that young girls working as escorts in Coventry are forced to engage in degrading acts. Some residents have even complained that they were pressured by police into having sex with an “escort” they didn’t want to work with. This last issue was sparked by the arrests of five men who were reportedly working as “escorts” without their knowledge on New Year’s Eve. Many citizens in the UK worry that the tourism industry could suffer as a result of the publicity generated by the controversial activities of the “escorts for hire” buskers.

To be clear, no one is questioning the right of any person to make a living in the public sector offering prostitution as a service. What is being questioned is the morality of arresting Coventry escorts for prostitution charges when, in all probability, they were engaging in this activity voluntarily. In addition, officials in Coventry have a responsibility to explain why they have targeted male prostitutes and not women, as is commonly the case.

The Coventry escorts who have been targeted for action are now considering legal action against the city over the matter. A spokesperson for the Coventry NHS board told the Coventry Telegraph that “the whole town will be worried about the impact on the image of the city” after the arrests. Police have confirmed that all those arrested have been charged with soliciting a prostitute within the city. Whichever side of the prostitution debate you’re on, it seems that the police in the United Kingdom have gone too far in picking which side of the fence they’re on.